The answer to all your questions 

BeachWashed Luxe Waver:

-Is the Waver easy to use?  So easy!! because of the 3 XL barrels, all you do is simply clamp down, release and move onto the next part of your hair. You'll finish your full head of hair in no time.

-Is it good for all hair types? Its great for any thickness of hair. However, it doesn’t work on super curly hair (your curls are beautiful as is girl) but curly haired girls can straighten your hair and use the Luxe waver on dry, straight har

-Does it work with Extensions? You better believe it dose! the Luxe Waver is amazing with extensions (especially BeachWashed x Laced Extensions😉) Become the ultimate Modern Mermaid with this combo

-Can i use it on colored or highlighted hair? The short answer is Yes. But we highly recommended using a heat protectant spray and avoid on areas of heavily damaged hair. When in doubt, test an area. But as long as your hair is healthy, you’re good to go

-How long do the waves last? It depends on your hair, how much heat you use and your activity, but they can definitely last for days

-Is this good for Professional use in a salon? Absolutely! BeachWashed was founded by a stylist and salon owner and everything we do will alway be Professional grade

-What type of power plug does it have? The Luxe Waver has a USA power plug but uses universal voltage so you can use it outside of the US with an adapter with no problems. Other power plugs coming soon


BeachWashed X Laced Extensions:

-Where can I buy the extensions? Our extension collaboration is sold exclusively on Lacedhair.com

-Who can buy the extensions? They are only for sale to Professional stylist. If you are not a stylist and want them for yourself, ask your stylist specifically for BeachWashed extensions or email us at hello@beachwashedhair.com and well try to find a stylist near you that specializes in our hair. We will have a stylist finder up and running soon

-What type of extensions are offered? They come in Hand-tied and machine sewn. Lengths 16" and 22". Straight (Waved and textured are in the works)


-Where do you ship to? Right now, we only ship our wavers within the U.S and Canada. We will be expanding to other countries soon. Extensions ship world wide

-Didn’t receive tracking info? Sorry about that😬 email us at hello@beachwashedhair.com and well send you all the info

-Tracking says your package was delivered but you don’t have it? The best thing to do in this situation is, first... remain calm, we got you bb😘. Second, check in with the courier. They sometimes mark it down wrong and will be there the next day to drop it off, or it will be available for pick up at a local office. If neither of those get you anywhere, email us at hello@beachwashedhair.com and we'll get it sorted out

-When does my order ship? it will ship same day if made before 12noon PST. Mon-Fri. If after noon, it will ship on the next business day. All order will ship from our fulfillment center in southern California 

-I Paid for 2 day Shipping and it's taking longer. We understand how frustrating this can be. We try our best to get you your package as soon as possible. But, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • The 2 days are shipping days. It starts when the courier picks up the package from our warehouse. Order after noon PST will be shipped out the next business day. Orders after noon on a Friday will be shipped out on Monday. Our warehouse is closed on Saturday & Sunday
  • Once the package leaves our warehouse, it is in the full hands of the courier. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at that point to avoid delays
  • Shipping times are never a guarantee. Couriers usually do a great job in getting expedited packages on time, but they never guarantee a day/time. There is alway a chance of delays
  • We do not refund shipping prices for a delayed delivery. We do not profit off of shipping. We actually don’t charge you, the customer, the full shipping amount. We cover more than half of the expedited shipping cost to insure we keep it as reasonable as possible for you


-Do you accept returns? 

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes, if you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. All we ask is that you try our product and if you are not completely happy, simply return the item within 30-days from the date of delivery (the items must be returned) and we'll refund you. 

Refunds can only be issued to the method that was used to pay for the order. All you have to do is arrange for the products to be shipped back (at your cost) and you'll receive your refund. We do not cover or refund shipping costs. We will issue your refund once we receive the product back and insure that it is in its original, like new, working condition and retuned in its original, undamaged branded packaging 

To initiate a return, simply email us at hello@beachwashedhair.com and our team will reply with detailed instructions on how to return your item for a refund.


Salon Partner:

Would you like to become a BeachWashed Salon Partner and carry our Luxe Waver and future products in your salon? Click this link to fill out an application

Salon Partner Application 


Stylist Partner:

Want to sell our Luxe Waver to your clients but don’t have the space for inventory? Become a stylist partner and earn commissions when your clients buy directly from our website

Email us at hello@beachwashedhair.com for more info