Women swimming in the French Riviera, in tropical blue waters with her BeachedWashed, modern mermaid hair

Playlist Vol 1: Côte Sauvage

BeachWashed was founded in the ideals of travel and constantly seeking our next costal paradise adventure. Before the world came to a shirking holt, we found ourselves on the back of Vespas, winding through the streets of the French Riviera, hoping from Beach Club to Beach Club, in search of the best party with the most beautiful views, people and cocktails. The common theme to each club was the amazing music. Lively enough to dance, but yet mellow enough chill on your lounge chair sipping your drink.

Our firsts BeachWashed Playlist, Côte Sauvage (Wild Coast) will transport you straight to Bagatelle Beach Club in St. Tropez, sipping on a Hugo Spritz, dancing on the sand as the sun sets and the night gets started. Au revoir!! 


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